OTT & Video Stream Pro Bucket OTT & Video Stream Solution offers a cloud-based, self-hosting platform for live streaming, designed to meet the needs of businesses and content creators. This robust solution enables the creation, management, and delivery of high-quality live streams with ease. Its scalable infrastructure ensures smooth, uninterrupted video content, while customizable features allow for a personalized viewer experience. Ideal for engaging audiences and enhancing online presence, Pro Bucket’s solution provides a comprehensive toolkit for professional live streaming.


The Professional Web Design and Software Development services offer a complete suite of solutions, including ERP systems, kit builders, e-commerce stores, CMS platforms, and business sites. These services are designed to enhance your digital infrastructure and optimize business operations. By integrating sophisticated ERP systems, you can streamline processes and improve efficiency. The kit builder feature allows for customizable product configurations, enhancing user engagement. Our e-commerce store solutions ensure a seamless online shopping experience, while the CMS platforms provide easy content management. Additionally, our professional business sites establish a strong online presence, tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.